Short story..

Started at 80’th with roll film.. After a long journey in printing industry I started serious photography, as a freelancer in 2005. After many events, portrait and wedding I felt, I need more, so decided to continue studying photography and later videography and editing.

If you are interesting serious my professional experiences please visit my  linkedin profile !

Feel free to ask me, if you like my works and need some help on this area!

If you have any kind of idea which you don’t find on my page, drop me message and I will give you a solution! It doesn’t matter, if you need make-up artist, hairdresser or you’re searching videographer, MC, selector or event decorator, event manager.

My team has professional partners, with whom I would work very effective together!


I think a site like this should show some pictures of me too. These pictures were taken by colleagues, assistants, models. That’s not secret, for a good picture, I am willing to lie down or climb up somewhere, no matter how. 😉

professional partners who I work with

Dorottya Szilágyi
Dorottya Szilágyi Make-up artist, stylist
Melinda Csabai
Melinda Csabai Hairdresser
Eszter Kovács
Eszter KovácsMake-up artist
György Pusztai
György PusztaiGiorgio Virágbolt Dombóvár - Flower shop owner, decorator