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Please give me the following important informations to get the most exact answer:

what kind of  photography would you like,

  • for example: “business portrait to my webpage”, “we’re looking for event photographer”, “we’re searching the best wedding photographer for our wedding” etc

determine the time

  • exact time; if we talk about event, wedding, competition etc.
  • planned time; “we ‘d like some portraits in March”, “we’re planning engagement shooting in the second half of September”

the interval of the service

  • for example: “conference from 6 AM to 4 PM”
  • “wedding shooting from the official ceremony and the dinner, from 14 o’clock to next day 01 o’clock”

address of the shooting

  • for example:  “Partner meeting at Apáczai Csere János u. 4, Marriott Hotel 1052, Budapest
  • “we need pictures for the car race. The start / finish will be at Tata main square. The itinerary is Gyermely, Bajna, Héreg. We want picture on the road too”
  • We’re dreaming about engagement images at Balatonfüred Tagore Promenade and Tihany”

your attainability, which way would you like to get the answer

  • Name, E-mail address, Phone number,